Where Can i Download Photoshop? [PIC]



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  1. and why is this funny? its kinda stupid. actually its very stupid… is that because i have actually been using the internet and mirc since early 90’s or is it because you figure anything you post will get hits if it has to do with piracy? retards, especially this website.

  2. Nice, haha. Also, everyone should take a moment to stop and laugh at the people who are so quick to jump out and bash jokes that they clearly don’t get.

  3. Leo do you feel better now? Just try to enjoy. If not, just don’t care. Don’t waste your precious time with writing a comment.

  4. i love this site. Just funny stuff from Internet. There is no funny signs,amazing cats or awesome elephants pics around.

  5. lol wut? @ Sergey Page?
    How is it ThePlanet.com’s fault that your webserver can’t handle the traffic? They sell dedicated boxes, you manage them, learn to admin a server.

  6. computerwebs, there is a different problem here, you don’t really need to know.

    -> “learn to admin a server” ?
    -> this is my business and i make living with it.

    But i liked you, you get caught in the concept πŸ˜‰

  7. anon, i hate you and people like you. never produce, never think, never do something beneficial for others. Just criticize with sh.tty words. Enjoy the f.ckin picture or f.ck o.f. Are you the owner of ThePlanet? Are you planning to open a course for teaching people how to manage a server??? You just fail at life.
    F.ck this site i don’t care it’s f.cking server. Do the same like me, do not take the internet so serious.

  8. Not perfect, but getting there

    THE thing is you’d have to be a PIRATE to do that and still keep the authorities at BAY. This way you don’t have to DOT the greedy ORGanizations!

  9. @dcft: who cares? you life must pretty f*cking boring if you care about sh*t like this. maybe you fail to grasp the internet fully?

  10. Why do so many people get so bent out of shape over silly stuff. I think the answer given was clever but then I guess that I must spend to much time with computers, and for all the trolls relax just because you can’t be as clever as the rest of us you don’t have to be hateful but you should be quite.

  11. “i have actually been using the internet and mirc since early 90’s”

    So clearly I’m a pro at it. Yet I still don’t understand this so it must be you people that are the retards.

  12. “this thread is illegal i hope yahoo wises up and deletes it pronto”

    How is this thread illegal? Is it stealing anything? Is it advocating terrorism? Is it telling you to beat children to death with baby seals so that the cult of lucifer are free too resurrect hitler?

    Or is it that it has links to a site that could be used to preform actions that are supposedly illegal?

  13. fools! yes, please. type illegal as much as you can. please try and have us hotspotted so this “piracy” can be fixed. morons. have you ever heard of tunneling? no, didn’t think so. go choke, idiots. leave us alone.

  14. That’s amazing, people who can’t read and are too stupid to steal software. Maybe it’s time they changed to a notepad made of paper and Windows made of glass.

  15. That’s not true. Downloading does not make you a pirate, it makes you an unlicensed user. UPLOADING would make her a pirate. What a douche! That was probably a rep of Adobe answering. I AM PROUD TO HAVE “STOLEN” MY COPY!!!

  16. This is hilarious – I thought the post itself was pretty funny… Love it… but the really funny part is reading the comments. Where do these people come from? Unbelievable!

    It’s like a ostrich talking to a walrus about global warming, chicken noodle soup, and the little plastic things at the end of your shoelaces. Then arguing about it… as if they know a damn thing…

  17. omg. so many ppl here just divided by zero. to all teh true anons who have seen this, i think DDOS is in order on this level of fail, anyone agree?

  18. “just because you can’t be as clever as the rest of us you don’t have to be hateful but you should be quite.”
    Stuff like that is hilariously ironic. Perhaps you should be “quite”.

  19. anyone who doesn’t get this is an idiot πŸ˜€

    I have a question though, who is this RBX guy? does he spend all day on Yahoo Answers?

  20. The best part is when someone like me sees something like this and immediately thinks of the bay and then remembers instead all I need to do is as my geeky ass boyfriend. πŸ™‚ Best of all worlds there.

  21. hahahahahahahaha how do people not get this…its funny enough as is…but then people make stupid comments like this lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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