Yahoo Answers: Which is Worse? Ignorance or Apathy? [PIC]

which is worse ignorance or apathy
Yahoo Answers: Which is Worse? Ignorance or Apathy?  Best answer is awesome. All helpful people are in Yahoo Answers.


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  1. That’s really amazing. Ok, the answer is very funny but it’s also one of the best examples of ignorance and apathy. I don’t think that yahoo users made it “the best answer” because of that.

  2. “captain obvious” is sort of right, in that I asked the question hoping that someone else who knew the joke would answer. I thought it would just work better (read: be funnier) in the context of yahoo answers. Apparently it was, because I was using StumbleUpon months later and came across a screenshot of the very page!! Now I’m finding it all over the net. Glad to entertain people!

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